who we are

No matter how you break it down, poverty, displacement and conflict are complex issues.  There are often many contributing factors that produce and sustain a humanitarian crisis, in addition, these factors often change over time and interlinkwith other economic, social, political or environmental issues.  What is clear is that families and communities experiencing crisis or poverty will find it difficult to lift themselves out of the situation without outside assistance. 

The work of Sparrow is simple, we specialize in getting education and medical services to communities affected by extreme poverty, displacement or conflict.  We make it our mission to provide families with access to basic medical and education services when they need them most.  We operate throughout South Asia and the Middle East amidst some of the most vulnerable communities in the world with the hope that the future can be better than the past. We are privately funded and work with a variety of ethnicity’s and religions.

We recognize the future is fragile and we believe it should belong to those that love peace.  We work to demonstrate the highest ethic, which is love, and to present a better way of living, focused on hope and faith.