Sparrow International is a volunteer member of the International Network for Education in Emergency.  We work to develop education structures that meet INEE Minimum Standards byenabling quality, safe, and relevant education for all in emergencies and crisis context.

INEE Membership

Code of Conduct

Sparrow International is committed to the safety and well being of children and young people. We support the rights of the child and seek to ensure that children are kept safe when in contact with us. Our goal is to build and maintain a safe and empowering environment for everyone involved in Sparrow’s activities. Our Code of Conduct

Child Protection

Sparrow International is committed to the welfare of children. This commitment can be examined in our Child Protection Policy. Every person who shares in the work of World Vision Australia - including staff, volunteers, contractors, and supporters - also shares in the responsibility to take every precaution to protect the children and families we serve.  We also uphold the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989), Article 19.

Annual Financial Summary

It’s important to us that we maintain a high level of financial accountability and transparency.  This is a simple summary of our funding allocation for the financial year.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously, you can review our privacy policy here.
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